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5373 State Route 29
Celina, Ohio

Celina’s General Purpose / Humanitarian Shelter is a non-tactical shelter designed to offer an economical solution for humanitarian aid in the event of a natural disaster or conflict worldwide. General purposes include: Medical facilities, billeting, field services, and storage.

HGPTS Videos

Relief efforts on Tinian, located in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, were conducted by a joint effort from Seabees with the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 1 and local Tinian citizens. Businesses, government buildings, homes and schools were heavily damaged by Super Typhoon Yutu, which hit Tinian on October 25th, 2018.

FEMA recently provided the people of American Samoa with Celina Tents HGPTS Tents. Below is a video from FEMA.

Amanave, AS, November 15, 2009 -- Large, strong new tents were well received in Amanave, which was the first location to receive the 16-by-16 foot tents designed to withstand the windy, rainy seasonal conditions now prevailing in American Samoa. They replaced smaller, dome style tents. Recipients praised the flexibility of the new tents. The walls can be raised or lowered as needed. The can be closed for privacy. Inside, they remained dry during torrential rain that began several hours after the tents were erected.

-Richard OReilly/FEMA


Celina’s Humanitarian Tents were used in Nepal after devastating earthquakes hit the country in 2015. GlobalMedic of Canada supported the Grande International Hospital in Kathmandu, the primary receiving area for new earthquake patients who have been transferred from rural areas, by providing critical tenting. The Nepalese military hospital suffered condemning damage, and was completely unusable. The desperate need for these tents was evident as patients were ushered into the units for medical attention even before the GlobalMedic team had them entirely assembled.


GlobalMedic, in partnership with the Government of Canada and the Women's Rehabilitation Organization of Iraq, is running a Child Friendly Space in Iraq to help protect children affected by the war in Syria and Iraq.

Child Friendly Spaces (CFSs) are widely used in emergencies as a first response to children’s needs and an entry point for working with affected communities. Because CFSs can be established quickly and respond to children’s rights to protection, psychosocial well‐being, and non‐formal education, CFSs are typically used as temporary supports that contribute to the care and protection of children in emergencies. However, they are used also as transitional structures that serve as a bridge to early recovery and long‐term supports for vulnerable children. Although different agencies call CFSs different things—safe spaces, child centered spaces, child protection centers or emergency spaces for children— the interventions are all part of a common family of supports for children and young people.


In September 2014 GlobalMedic of Canada aided in the Liberia and Sierra Leone Ebola Crisis. Celina’s Humanitarian Tents were used as triage tents to help separate and isolate suspected cases of Ebola. Humanitarian General Purpose Tent System